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Cyber Future w. Cyazon


Step forward into Cyazon’s dystopian Electronic music future via the weekly ‘Cyber Future’ radio show. Bringing you the hottest new futuristic bass-edged tracks in the world, this showcase is curated and performed each and every single week by one of the hottest properties emerging from the global Electronic Bass Music scene.

Dark, Ethereal, and Cyberpunk/Futuristic electronic music artist. / Bladerunner and Tron inspired. / A new venture awaits you as you enter into a cyberpunk-esque world.

With music that encapsulates the dark undertones of abandoned streetscapes, the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner's metropolis, and the lawlessness of a cyberpunk world, it's no wonder that with every Cyazon release, listeners find themselves stepping foot into a transcendental journey through time, chaos, and self-discovery. Each world-altering track moves through music boundaries and cultivates a revolutionary venture through Cyazon's own hybrid spin on modern dance music.

Cyazon is equipped with an arsenal of hard-hitting, melodic, Synthwave EDM music that take listeners to a time in a dystopia. Get ready to step into Cyazon's futuristic world.

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