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Chill ID's w. Dj Iustee

Dj Iustee

DJ Info:
Real Name: Iustin Borbely
A.K.A. : Dj Iustee
Location: Romania / Sibiu
Age: 16
Category: Club DJ / Event DJ / Radio DJ

Hi, my name’s Iustee! I’m a very young dj (16 years old) that lives in Sibiu and I am really passionate about what I am doing. I love to always improve my dj sets “day-by-day”. The genres that I love to play are mostly these typa chill genres, with super creative melodies and deep kicks (afro house, minimal techno and deep house sometimes).
My sets for “Chill ID’s” will mostly contain these genres and i’d say these are the best ID’s for when you want to chill or if you are just a raver that wants to listen to good music and get the party started whenever and wherever!