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ClubRotation Live w. Mike Riverra

Mike Riverra

ClubRotation Live is revamped to the new structure and duration as a weekly radio show of ~60 minutes.

Join Mike Riverra every week while he digs deep into his music collection to bring you the very best in ranging of house, dance, tech, progressive, trance and more. I think of it as genre-less journey of what I consider really good electronic dance music and indeed the ClubRotation! Also it gives a platform for one of House music's most exciting performers to share his skills and selections each and every week.

Short Bio:

Veteran Romanian DJ and Producer who's bringing energy into the room with his sets, Mike Riverra is bringing ~25 years of experience and music to the booth and on his weekly radio shows. Expect to be thrilled by his rhythms when he gets on. Enjoy listening, put your hands up & start dancing!!

About ClubMix Radio Romania:
ClubMix Radio Romania was born in may 2010 as an online streaming radio station project based on dance and club music mixes, a fast growing project implying young talented DJ’s from all around the globe, project that has accumulated more and more positive feedbacks. Recently the station reached ~100 resident DJ’s in the team.

Social Media:
TikTok: MikeRiverra (@mikeriverra) TikTok | Watch MikeRiverra's Newest TikTok Videos