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WhiteEffect w. Stroke69


Stroke 69 is one of the most fresh DJ presences on the Romanian music scene, bringing in a hot new house sound. His musical career begun in 2004, as part of different bands. In 2008 he started his current project, along DJ White, a very good friend of his. The time for his big breakthrough came in 2011, with the release of 'Beautiful Smile'. The track become an on-air and club star, enchanting crowds all over the world. Expert charts all over the world appreciated the track and created a very good expectancy level for their singles to come.'Jamaika' and 'Free Bird' are to be released this year, their hot powerful sound innovative and funky.

The video for "Beautiful Smile" was filmed in one of the biggest clubs in Mamaia, Romania's trendiest summer getaway. The images are a perfect match for the song's deep and intoxicating rhythms.