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ClubMix Radio

Music is life

ClubMix Radio

Internet live streaming radio station playing various types of electronic dance. The best DJ mixes and lives coming from all around the planet.
13 Years of 24/7 non stop amazing electronic music.
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Radio Shows

Mike Riverra

Disco Drive w. Mike Riverra

Every Friday @3PM (GMT+2)

Veteran Romanian house DJ who's bringing energy into the room with his sets, Mike Riverra is bringing twentyfive years of experience and music to the booth and on his weekly radio shows. Expect to be thrilled by his rhythms when he gets on. Enjoy listening! Bottoms up & start dancing !! In may 2010, he started “ClubMix Radio”, an online streaming radio station project based on dance and club music mixes, a growing project implying young talented DJ’s from all around the globe, a project that gets more and more great feedbacks.

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Terri B!

Terri B!’s Housecrunch

Every Wednesday @9PM & Sunday @8PM (GMT+2)

The housecrunch was the brainchild of Terri B! and was first broadcast in 2006. She enlisted guest dee-jays to support the show, and features not only her own mixes but both prominent and up and coming and legendary Deejays. Rod Carrillo, owner of Carrillo music, Peter Brown (Barcelona), Soulmagic (Denmark), Earth N Days (Hungary), Gabry Sangineto and Sergio Matina (Italy), Raffe Bergwall (Sweden) and George Von Liger (Finland), and DJ Izee (Bonaire/Netherlands) are just a few of the brand names frequenting the show.

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LeBaron James

Champagne Selections w. LeBaron James

Every Friday @8PM (GMT+2)

LeBaron James members Jeff Webb & Mark Beshai love to share music, new and classic, with the world. In addition to original productions and vinyl records, together they host a mix series entitled 'Champagne Selections'

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Dj Almud


Every Friday @4PM (GMT+2)

With a music career that sums up more than 20 years of activity, Almud is one of the respected names on the Romanian club scene, playing over the years on the same stages alongside worldwide renowned DJs like David Morales, Nick Bridges, Above & Beyond , ATB, Mahmut Orhan, Mark Huges, David Guetta or Bob Sinclar. Besides the DJ career, Almud is also a talented producer and remixer, presently owning his own label – Magheru 9 – a project which stands besides young and daring producers that express themselves through music.

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Dj Dark

Radio Podcast w. Dj Dark

Every Thursday @7PM(GMT+2)

When music begins to be part of one's life, it is as if the whole existence folds on the sounds of the mind and the soul. The passion for music is not something that can be controlled… it starts from the inside, from the most hidden and sensitive places, and springs to the surface, reaching the ears ready to listen to it and being ready to turn bodies into waves of hallucinatory vibrations.From a young age, he was passionate about musical art, Dj Dark aka Saszet Balint, he started his DJ activity in 2003, at the age of only 14 years old.

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Stefano Noferini

ClubEdition w. Noferini

Every Monday @10PM (GMT+2)

A long time champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano has been building his legend for some time. Always innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres has been a key factor in his well-deserved rise.

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Adrian Săpunaru

Music Tour w. Adrian Săpunaru

Every Thursday @8PM (GMT+2)

Hi, my name is Adrian Săpunaru, also known as DJ AdryanX, and I’m a resident DJ on Radio ClubMix Radio for about 10 years. In love with music since I was a little boy, I’ve had first guest mixes at “Partydul KissFM” at the age of 16. At the moment I’m hosting two Radio Shows on ClubMix Radio. You can listen to my "Music Tour" show every Thursday @8PM, project started in the beginning of 2022 with a fresh sound and which moves from mainstream music to tech-afro-tribal-house influences. And every Sunday @7PM, it's time to remember the house music of the good times on "The Classic Sounds", project born from the pleasure of listening to good music.

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Dj Manfredo

Blackout w. Dj Manfredo

Every Thursday @10PM (GMT+2)

DJ-ing forever! I love house music with a lot of vocals, violins, piano and a stumpin bassline!!! So PEACE, LOVE & SUNSHINE!!

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Dj Matey

Don't Stop The Music w. Dj Matey

Every Thursday @9PM (GMT+2)

My passion started at the age of 10, being fascinated by music and what DJs did. That's why at the age of 14 I bought a console and a laptop, and then at the age of 15 I started to play on private events. At the age of 17 I started to play as guest DJ in various clubs in Suceava's. Still working as a guest on several night clubs and also in various events

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Big Hooters w. The NightOwls

Every Wednesday @9PM / Friday @10PM (GMT+2)

After meeting under a bridge just outside Toronto for some underhanded dealings with a group of street savvy denim salesmen, Mark Beshai and Jeff Webb aka Pilotlight have teamed up to create their voltronesque collaboration project 'The NightOwls'.

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Dj Darkness Project

Dj Darkness Project In The Mix

Every Thursday @11PM (GMT+2)

DJ Darkness began his career in 1979 by influence of his older brother, playing at parties for friends and some clubs. And over the years has been perfecting his technique of mixing, as well as researching and forming their own repertoire of music, passing through several trends, from soul to today's electronic sets Trance, Psy, Cyber, Eurotrance, Uplifting, Deep House, Eurodance. Considered a great entertainer, thanks to his charisma and sympathy with the public.

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Dj Iustee

Chill ID's w. Dj Iustee

Every Friday @2PM (GMT+2)

Hi, my name’s Iustee! I’m a very young dj (16 years old) that lives in Sibiu and I am really passionate about what I am doing. I love to always improve my dj sets “day-by-day”. The genres that I love to play are mostly these typa chill genres, with super creative melodies and deep kicks (afro house, minimal techno and deep house sometimes). My sets for “Chill ID’s” will mostly contain these genres and i’d say these are the best ID’s for when you want to chill or if you are just a raver that wants to listen to good music and get the party started whenever and wherever!

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Meet the team

Get to know the people behind the scenes. We are a group of
hard working, experienced and passionate professionals.

  • Mike Riverra

    Mike Riverra

    Disco Drive - 3PM on Friday

  • LeBaron James

    LeBaron James

    Champagne Selections - 8PM on Friday

  • Dj Almud

    Dj Almud

    CLUBMIX OnAIR - 4PM on Friday

  • Terri B!

    Terri B!

    The HouseCrunch 9PM Wed/8PM Sun

  • Dj Dark

    Dj Dark

    Radio Podcast - 7PM on Thursday

  • Stefano Noferini

    Stefano Noferini

    Club Edition - 10PM on Monday

  • Mastiksoul


    Boom Box - 9PM Mon; 11PM Fri

  • Dj Darkness

    Dj Darkness

    Dj Darkness In The Mix - 11PM on Thu

  • Dj Manfredo

    Dj Manfredo

    Blackout - 10PM on Thursday

  • Night Owls

    Night Owls

    Big Hooters - 9PM Wed; 10 PM Fri

  • Stroke69


    WhiteEffectSession - 7PM on Mon

  • Sloupi


    Vocal House Party - 9PM on Fri

  • Adrian Sapunaru

    Adrian Sapunaru

    Music Tour - 8PM on Thursday

  • Dj Matey

    Dj Matey

    Don't Stop The Music - 9PM Thu

  • Zagazound


    DanceFloor Killer - 2PM on Thursday

  • Osaka


    Because I Love this Sound 8PM Wed

  • Dj Iustee

    Dj Iustee

    Chill ID's - 2PM on Friday

  • Dj Ann

    Dj Ann

    After Beat Live Sensation - 6PM Fri

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